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2021 Trophy Winners

Our Presentation Night for 2021 was held a little late this year given the COVID lockdowns of 2021. It was so great to see so many faces come out and celebrate our winners for the 2021 season.

Congratulations to all of our award winners!

“A” Grade

Player of the year: Ollie Bayly

Coaches Award: Thomas Bargwanna

Players player: Harry Puxty

Golden Boot: Cameron Laird

A/B Grade - Duffy

Player of the Year - Caleb Frecklington

Coaches Award - Josh Williams

Players/Player - Steve George

Golden Boot - Josh Williams

Wolf Pack

Player of the Year – Michael Collison

Coaches Award – Joe Webster and Ashleigh Fiene

Players/Player – Rowan Drey

Golden Boot – Ben Ogilvie

C Grade – Steve Pearce

Player of the Year- Jarad Kouis

Players / Player - Michael Gosling

Coaches Award - Jason Cravino

Golden Boot - Roland Hammond

4th Division - Rosemary

Player of the Year – Nick Bennett

Coaches Award– Tom Preston

Players/Player– Luke Bargwanna

Golden Boot– Darcy Kelly


Player of the Year: Chardonnelle Hills

Coaches Award: Juanita Punivai

Players/Player: Emily Gobourg

Golden Boot: Ashleigh Fiene

Western Premier League

Player of the Year- Jack Sinclair and Craig Sugden

Players / Player – Jack Sinclair

Coaches Award – Niall Gibb

Golden Boot – Craig Sugden

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