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The Waratah Women - 30 July 2022


Waratah Blues played Kinross at Jack Brabham scoring 6 goals to nil.

Firstly a huge thank you to Marz and Ella for putting their hands up to help out Kinross.  Marz played in goals and set the field on fire when racing down the field heading for the Kinross goal hoping to score.

As always this game was played in good spirit.

Kinross put up a great fight showing plenty of determination with many of their players out sick.  The score is not a reflection of the game. Plenty of skills were on display by both teams but Waratahs were the winners on Saturday.

Thank you to Sarah-Grace for stepping into the role of goal keeper for the game.

Jade Armstrong scored 4 goals, Phoebe Wilson 1 goal and Elouise Fairley 1 goal. 

Congratulations Elouise you worked extremely hard to get your goal.

It is very difficult to single out any one player with defence and attack working some magic.

We welcome back Bronwyn Turner, we love your game photos.



Waratah White played against Barnies at Jack Braham.  The score Barnies 5 Waratahs Nil.

Thank you to Jemima and Tyarna for playing in goals. Not always an easy position to play and you both made some great saves.

We had a sub for this game which gave everyone a little break.

The game was fast and energetic with the ball moving up and down the field at a rapid pace testing attack and defence.

It is so pleasing to see our new and younger players improving each week and developing their skills.  This is what the game is about. 

Winning is not everything.  Improving each week is what counts.  Congratulations to all the players in Waratah White, you all played so well.

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