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On 28 May 2022, our Waratahs womens teams had a cracker of a weekend!

Waratah Blue 4 v Barnies 3

This game was filled with excitement and every player on the field put in 100% and played an awesome game even though the team was short players due to illness and work commitments.

Ash Fiene scored 3 goals and Phoebe Wilson scored 1 goal.

Our goal keeper, Erin, was in great form displaying her skills as a goal keeper and was named player of the match.

Waratah White 2 v Kinross 4

The players put up a good fight against a very inform Kinross side who had a great game.

Congratulations to our Waratah White players who fought hard all game.

Our goal scorer was Tyarna Pavy, who was also celebrating her birthday on Saturday.

Players player this week was Tess Driver.

We have welcomed some new players to our teams over the last few weeks and would like to welcome Elouise, Marz and Lily.

It is a pleasure watching our teams each week and we are attracting spectators which is wonderful.

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